Staying on budget as a Digital Nomad

As a Digital Nomad, location-independent businesses are tough. It takes a few years to build out a network as a freelancer. It’s also challenging to live in a different country on minimal expenses. Here are few tips which will help save and travel on budget.

Minimum Expense


Internet is one of the key essentials as a digital nomad. You can always look out for free wifi at coffee shops and if security is the issue then buy yourself a sim or a portable wifi. Also, try getting accommodation at a place where wifi is inclusive.


Planning accommodation will definitely help you save a lot. If you are travelling alone then or Hostel Bookers is a perfect to look out for. You can go to their website, mark your location, search for the lowest price available and book it monthly or as per your tenure. There are various other sites like couch surfing which will do the same work. If you are going to stay for long then avoid the city-center  as that will be comparatively expensive. Hostels dorm rooms are also a good option. Try getting a place where you can perform basic household work like cooking, laundry, etc by yourself, this is a great way to minimize your expense. Room sharing is another way to split cost and enhance your savings.


The best way would be to cook your own food. If you don’t know how to cook then other option would be to ask locals about the healthy and cheap places to eat. Or you can locate it by yourself maybe by using a website. You can even buy your meal at a local departmental store or supermarkets. So trying out different places will eventually help you spot the budget friendly place for you.


Cabs and Taxi are really expensive for a daily use. As a digital nomad you can save up by walking, cycling or using Uber Pool to your destination. Or you can always opt for cheaper public transport like the Bus or Metros. If you are staying for long time then might as well just get a day or month pass, this will definitely save your money. Travelling in a group is another way, as you will split up the cost.

Travel Off-Peak

One of the best ways to explore a city at a lower cost is by travelling off peak season. This will help you in getting cheaper flight tickets, accommodations and even entertainment. Do try avoiding season time especially if its school holidays or summer/spring break as all the prices hike up at this time and tourism industry is on the go. So the perfect time to visit would be before or after the season period and you can avoid the crowd at the same time.

Plan and Track your Expenses

Before you start your journey it’s very important to plan before hand. Bedget and the itinerary are the first two things you should be ready with. Also while you are traveling it’s essential to have a track of your expenses. Always make a budget before your trip begins and try to spend within that budget. Agreed it’s very tempting to spend while you’re travelling to a foreign country, you want to enjoy and experience everything and make the most out of your trip. However it’s necessary to save too so that you don’t fall short of money. Always jot down your daily expenses or use a budget tracker app, be it food, transport or stay and then take an average for a month maybe and use it to plan the future expense. This will also help you in estimating the areas where you can save on.

Fly Smart

Being a digital nomad you will be frequently using air means to travel. So this point is relatively very important for you all. You can save up a lot by flying smartly. Fares are bound to flicker every now and then, hence you can use Skyscanner alert to fly by the lowest price. Another way is to choose an airport which is nearby your destination as fares are comparatively lower here and then you can use the public transport to go to your decided destination. If you book your flight in advance you will save a lot as prices get high as the dates come nearer. Also travelling during the midweek will fetch you lower price compared to weekends.

Cash and Forex

Using plastic money abroad can cost you a little more as there can be fee involved, also you won’t be able to keep a track of your expenses with much accuracy. One suggestion would be to withdraw a large amount at one time as you wont be charged often then. Also exchange your cash before the start of your trip as exchange rates are higher at the airports.


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