Nomad Retreat: Goa, a Digital Nomad destination

Goa, located on the western coast line of India, is a paradise for people who love beautiful beaches, food, parties, nightlife and gorgeous countryside and awesome mix of cultures. With a history of 500 years of Portuguese rule, it has acquired a perfect blend of western and Indian culture. An amazing sense of freedom, beaches and diverse culture of Goa has been attracting hippies and travelers for ages.

However, the question is  —  is it ready for the digital nomads?

Here’s a brief description of Goa’s accommodation , internet, co-working space, things to do and culture. Remote Explorers are organising a Digital Nomad retreat here in order to grow the co-working scene here and introduce this amazing place to digital nomads from around the world.


You can find good private rooms on AirBnb at $15-$25/day and other private accommodations at around $200–$300 for a month. 


Internet has improved considerably in the recent past in all over India. You can find upto 20mbps connections here. Cellular connectivity has improved a lot and data is super cheap. You can find 2GB/day for a month 4G data in around $12!


Goa has a few co-working spaces like 91springboard Goa and coLABr. It also has many cafes offering free wi-fi that you can work from.


Over 100 kms of coast line offers some really nice beaches with there own specialities. You can choose to spend an evening in Arambol beach and be amazed by the vibe, fire and music jams or move down south to a much more peaceful southern beaches like Varca. There are a lot of beautiful churches, forts and temples to see. Tons of cafes and pubs along the beach offers the perfect nightlife. For the adventurer in you, there are quite a few waterfalls, treks and water sports.


The fusion of Portuguese and Indian culture makes this place very unique. It is a flourishing center for spirituality, culture, lifestyle, naturopathy, yoga, reiki, meditation, healing, food and language. There are night flea markets where you can buy local arts and crafts or at least eat PaniPuris! Goa carnival is famous for its colorful parades, it takes place in the month of February/March.

Guest post by Prashant Abhishek, founder of Remote Explorers. They are organising a Digital Nomad retreat in Goa in Feb-March 2018.


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