Introducing Moving Nomads for web and the 2.0 app

We launched Moving Nomads for the web today along with the 2.0 version of our Android & iOS app! We focussed this release on the feedback of our early adopter Digital Nomads.

In our new mobile app we show our users new cities every time they open their app. Also, the tips are now available on a map. Users will now be able to get notifications when new tips or nomads visit their favorite cities. We have also added many new interface upgrades along with making the data load much faster in the app. Our web experience is limited with cities and tips data. We plan to keep our social features to the mobile app only, where users can connect with other Digital Nomads who have been to the cities they are visiting or are around them. Also, smaller features like hop, profile & adding of tips are app only. This is to ensure that our web app can be used really quickly to consume some of the content, especially for new users before they download the mobile app and sign up for Moving Nomads.

We hope you check out our new app and the web version and share some feedback with our team! Thanks for being a part of our journey so far.

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