What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are people who perform their job using the Internet and Technology and are location independent. These people work remotely and contact their employers or clients using the Smartphone and reliable cheap internet. They also use co-working spaces to carry out their work. Imagine working online, travelling from places to places and seeing so many amazing sites in the world. You can live and work wherever you want. There are various types of digital nomads but few characteristics which are similar in all them are, they change their destination very often, they spend few months outside their home city and they earn a living by working online.

This is the era where Internet has drastically changed the term ‘job’ for us. It has broadened the scope of employment and brought us new opportunity which weren’t their earlier. Many of us are sick and tired of our daily strict office routines and want to break free from that. Many of you would be craving to have a fusion of your profession with freedom. This is where the term ‘Digital Nomad’ comes into picture.

However, don’t confuse this with some normal simple vacation. Apart from having the ability to live and work from anywhere, you will have to use this freedom right and be able to able to earn a living out of it. Also when you travel as a digital nomad you will have to be careful about certain issues like abiding by the local laws of different regions and obtaining their work visas, having a sustainable international health insurance with global coverage, keeping in touch with your family and friends who are far away. Certain other problems that you might face are finding cheap and reliable internet connection, adjusting to the time-zone differences, weather and climate. And to give you a reality check, you must know that his lifestyle is not going to last forever, as there will come a time in your life when you would want to have a constant base and comfort zone where you can always go back to.

There are different ways to get started as a digital nomad. Some people choose the route of starting their own business while others start as freelancers. The journey relies on your experience, budget, skills and most importantly your willingness to take risk. So let’s have a look at few steps showing how you can enjoy living as a digital nomad.

Skills in the new digital world 

Don’t ever feel that you have zero skills to work online, if you know how to operate and access a PC that’s more than enough. But as the time passes by, you will have to develop your skills in order to afford travelling and continue this lifestyle. You can start by combining your current knowledge with this field and then continue to develop and enhance the right set of skills needed to work online. To speed up you can work in a company which will help in enhancing your skills in working online. So you will learn and earn at the same time. Side by side you can take up a freelance work and learn how to deal with clients. Other option would be to join an online university through which you can learn remotely and enhance your knowledge.

Managing Expenses

Being a digital nomad you will have several expenses linked to travelling, accommodation, internet, transport, etc. So you have to make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary expenses such as subscriptions and memberships at the clubs or gym, back at home. Such expenses will be a burden on you when you are living this lifestyle because in the starting you might not have a stable income. You can also rent out your house in the native place to make a passive income. Also save your money and then use it to move to a digital nomad hub like Bangkok where you will learn new skills and meet other digital nomads like you.

Deciding your Stop

Choose a destination which is most suitable for you; check on various cost of that place such as cost of living, rent, food, transport. Apart from cost also consider aspects like security, safety, policies, and laws. You can have a look at several websites for these details and then prepare a budget according to the destination. Just do a detailed research on place you would like to live and then you can select whichever corner of the world you want.

Deciding the Job

One of the most important things is deciding on what job you will undertake as a digital nomad. One suggestion to begin with would be to join a digital nomad community. Through this you will get to communicate with other digital nomads who are already out there. You can use their experience and suggestions as mean to decide for yourself. Here are few options which you can consider for yourself-

  • Freelancer
  • Find a job in the chosen destination which allows you to work online
  • Ask your boss to let you work remotely
  • Convert your business to online form
  • Start with your own business or buy an existing one

Goals and Plans

When you opt for becoming a digital nomad you will have to stay very clear about what you want and that means you must set a goal for the same. Make a plan and jot down the steps you will undertake to achieve your goal. Start from choosing the right destination and continue with deciding the tenure of your stay, work and job you will undertake. You have to be ready with several alternative plans for situations where you don’t succeed. So be ready with a solid plan and focus on it.


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