Finding a remote job as a Digital Nomad

Having a location independent job or other remote work is the first step to become a Digital Nomad. Most Digital Nomads I know are either entrepreneurs or are working remotely on content marketing. In the past year remote jobs have been on the rise. Even Apple is now hiring for remote jobs as a technical support advisors.

Getting a remote job

Software development, content marketing, designing, customer support, virtual assistant and business development are the most popular positions available for remote workers. Identifying your skillset is the first thing you should do. To begin the job search I recommend you reach out to companies that you’re looking to work with, if they have remote positions or you can even look up on their jobs pages. Next you can look on remote job portals like that get updated daily with many remote jobs. You can also search for companies that work entirely remotely to find appropriate jobs directly.

- Here is a list of 25 companies that offer remote jobs

- Here is a list of types of remote jobs you can look for

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If you’re looking for slightly more flexibility, being a freelancer can be a good option. Although, its super competitive and not the best to earn the big bucks. There are abundant of sites like Freelancer & Upwork that can help you get your first clients. In a long term, it is best to reach out to personal contacts and build relationships with clients to get repeat work. Some Facebook groups are also great to help you find freelance work.

- Here is a list of sites to get freelance work from

Running your own company

Starting your own company with your skillset can be the best way to go about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle.  Although, you can’t start to earn from that immediately, it can take many months or couple of years to start making decent revenues. As you build your company, you can also slowly build a remote team around your skillset. You can read how I manage my team remotely while traveling.

If you have some experience in content, starting a blog can be a good start. You can monetize it later with affiliate links & ads. The blog does take a few years to establish traffic and start generating revenue. You should read how Gigi Griffis earns as copywriter and a digital strategist. She’s also built a nice brand around her nomad life and her skills.

If you have some coding skills, you can always look for a problem to solve and build an interesting product or service. With sites like Product Hunt & Reddit, it is easier to get some early traction for great products.


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