Top 6 apps for Digital Nomads in 2017

Digital Nomads are some of the best early adopters of technology. Travel, productivity, health, budgeting and experiences are key to be able to live the nomad life in a good way. We collected a list of 6 apps for Digital Nomads in 2017.

1 Olivia AI for your budgeting needs

I recently found this app on Planet of the Apps. Apart from the Chatbot assistant I really like how the app gives you a daily budget based on your spending patterns and days of the week. This app is key for Digital Nomads to keep their expenses under check.

2 Instant for automatic health and productivity tracking

Instant automatically tracks your phone usage, places, fitness, travel & sleep. You can get weekly reports, set goals and talk to your Chatbot coach in Instant. It also gives you an exportable weekly report as an image, with all your lifelogged travels on a map in background. (Which you can share on your social networks) As a Digital Nomad it is important to your be healthy and productive since work-life balance gets tough to manage while travelling.

3 Dropbox to keep your files secure on the cloud

Dropbox lets you keep your files securely in the cloud. A new account gives you a few GBs as free storage. While travelling there’s a good chance to have your laptop or phone stolen. It is important you keep your work backed up on the cloud.

4 Google Trips to unify reservations, flight tickets and pinned places 

I used Google Trips extensively while travelling last year. The key feature was having all my flight tickets and hotel reservations in one place automatically through my Gmail inbox. The offline maps were great too. They also offer some touristy things to do apart from place recommendations. For restaurants my go to app is still Foursquare.

5 Airbnb to search for your next home

Getting your own apartment at affordable pricing is needed as a Digital Nomad. Especially when you’re staying in a new city for a few months. Hotels/hostels can be used initially until you figure out in which area you would like to live in. is a solid alternative too, sometimes the rates for the same apartments are much lower there.

6 Uber to help you to move around the city

Uber is a good option when you land in a new city and don’t know about public transport or if you need to get home late night. Though in US & Europe Uber can be really expensive. It can be used as a backup for public transport.

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  • enrico
    September 28, 2017 at 3:53 pm 

    I’m no fan of their business model but I have to say, Google makes a remote lifestyle super easy.

    All my written work and even my invoices and bills go out in G Docs.
    Gmail is my default email - easy to brand out your messages, maintain multiple accounts, send from business addresses etc.
    G Sheets are at least as good as Excel now too.

    For contact with clients, JIRA is a god-send and - if you’re working as part of a remote team - SLACK is a superb way to communicate.

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