Liberation à la carte

Digital nomads take on a difficult battle to follow this lifestyle successfully. Or is it just the perspective of outsiders? While a courageous bold move made by these individuals, for them living this way is easier. The reasons behind the adoption of such a life are numerous, and bring about a changed aesthetic to life. Perhaps it is a topic of discussion because it is a new trend in the digital market. The utopian idea of a settled home is also under construction in different parts of the world. It is important to realise, that distinctive economic, social and cultural factors impact different people at varying time periods, and more importantly, with differing consequences. A traveler invariably experiences this in multiplicity, possibly which is why traveling is addictive; they are spectators peeking into a seemingly different world, realising the differences.

The demography of the world can also be translated into being differentiated by nothing but economic domains in their part of the world. While it may be a blessing or a curse that the whole world is linked by a network of economy, it also makes it that much easier to connect from one far-off corner to another. As far as sentiment is considered, no place is out of bounds for a traveler, many have investigated into busting myths of traveling as well. However, the practical physical reach of these places may be questionable, with visa complications and such. There are always precautions one must take before taking off on a short or long trip.
It is glaringly obvious that a zealous trajectory in one’s life is possible in conventional fields as it is in unconventional fields. The preference of a person factors in, whether the choice of unconventional fields arises to break the monotony of older trends, or just because there would be more feasible options in this ever progressing world. The first constraint in accepting this lifestyle is because of being in denial; denying that the internet is not enough to sustain this lifestyle. While none of the functioning digital nomads paint a rosy picture of living this life, it is encouraging to remember that it is in the interest of your passionate discourse. The concept of traveling is irrefutably an age old spectacle, but carrying work with oneself is not as contemporary as one might think. The digital nomadic life is just present under a veil of previously practiced developments of outsourcing and offshoring. Like with all things natural, perpetual dynamism in this industry as well has led to the resultant strong nexus of artists. Thailand, loosely known as the digital nomad capital presents this in the best possible way. While it may be amusing that digital nomads also have a capital, but it essentially refers to the suitability of Thailand to the needs of a digital nomad. A south East Asian, developing country, previously only a recipient of occidental trends now hosts nomads from world over providing comfortable stays.
To this we must add passion and liberation at the hands of the internet. Is this lifestyle completely driven by sentiment? Yes. That doesn’t take away from the fact that it is absolutely practical also. We are living in the digital age of information dissemination. The suitability would perhaps be constrained to those stemming from cities that have experienced this kind of employment exposure, but this tribe is on the rise. Just this fact gives us a glimpse into the emergent need to distribute this talent with which these metropolitans are saturated. While large scale outsourcing might be an eventual consequence of this, the nomadic life is an alternative best in itself. Data distribution could be broken down to micro level at an unprecedented rate, following suit but also breaking away from earlier viable traditions. All in all, this is what has given these generations the mere option to adopt such a lifestyle.
The idea of sustainability gets ever so forgotten sometimes in one’s thought process. The incorporation of peace and freedom is left behind. With information on our fingertips, data accessible in milliseconds, endless possibilities, we can either use it to ground ourselves in this nexus of money, stress and “safety”, or we can use it to our advantage to follow our inherent trait to be a dynamic social animal. If in the larger meaning of life, none of our possessions really matter, then one should probably take a second to look at the sky, and different skies at that. The manifestations of freedom are best presented in experiencing different cultures and yet do what one could have done from a desk. The wonderment of travel definitely takes the cake on this one. In this scenario, curiosity and initiative take us places previously unimagined, anything new that is introduced into the world is the result of a question that somebody somewhere in the world had in their mind. And while to each his own is definitely acceptable when it comes to decision making, it’s also a brimming realization that this “millennial” generation is distributing all over the world. The more we define generations in a restricting bracket, the more there is to break away from. Unquestionably, we were left with the legacy of a plateaued work culture with the motive of ever increasing profits; but it also gave us the opportunity to think outside of this culture. It is a harsh reality that this prevalent lifestyle is physically and mentally draining beyond a certain point of exertion. As mentioned previously, it is not that the digital nomadic life would be smooth throughout either.
Regardless, digital nomads love their ever expanding cubicle. The most important question is of ‘why not’. Why shouldn’t one utilise this alternative? What is the need to stick to the methods from, quite literally, a different age? The penchant for the hills, or the beach, the lush greens or sandy dunes, if this can be pronounced into a lifestyle, then just why not? It is of course, easier said than done, but nothing worth having comes easy. It is only a matter of differentiating between the journeys one wants to pursue to reach that next goal.


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