Coliving for Digital Nomads

Co-working spaces picked up a few years back with the growing number of freelancers and remote independent jobs. People wanted to work from a productive office environment rather than working from the comforts of home. The coliving concept started picking up for digital nomads around last year. Now they could stay at a co-working space and collaborate with others.

Remote worker tours

Initially it started with group trips for remote workers like The Remote Life & Refuga. These trips are like co-working vacations. They were mostly around Thailand, Bali or other scenic areas in Europe. The tour host booked a nice villa for a few weeks and got a group of diverse remote workers, entrepreneurs & freelancers to join in. They had sessions on social media, marketing, etc. Apart from this they conducted activities for the group. That ways people within the group could collaborate with their various skills. You can think of it as a ‘hacker house’ in a beautiful villa & a pool.

WeLive and other hotels


It went mainstream last year when WeWork launched their version of co-living spaces called WeLive. WeLive doesn’t have a long-term lease, offers basic perks of hotels and also provides free beer & yoga! This version of co-living seems to be quite successful with some hotels also starting on these spaces. Outsite is another great co-living chain in the US.

Is this the future?

Can’t say that co-living is for everyone, but it is great for Digital Nomads looking to gain expertise from a good community. These co-living tours can be a nice starting point for Digital Nomads. For those looking for a longer term co-living space- & are good options.

Co-living spaces can be a great way to socialise & live with other Digital Nomads rather than travelling solo all the time. We also recently interviewed Rod Cook, the founder of a coliving space in France.


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  • Daniel Beck
    July 27, 2017 at 5:14 am 

    Hi Moving Nomads.
    This is a great article with good thoughts about coliving.
    I´ve read this and would like to comment on the reference to
    It´s not a good source of coliving-spaces that many of them are pure hippie-communes and a lot of broken links / outdated sources.
    Check out

    • admin
      July 27, 2017 at 5:15 am 

      Hi Daniel, sure will add as well

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