Making Money as a Digital Nomad

Earning money as a Digital Nomad can sometimes get difficult depending on skill-sets. Everyone is eager to know how digital nomads work and travel at the same time and yet make money out of it. It can definitely be tricky for beginners on how to earn working online. Generally DNs start with different activities like starting their own business online or writing blogs.

Display Ads

You must be coming across many display ads while you are surfing the net. They appear on almost all website at the sides or bottom of the page. Being a digital nomad you can also make money out of them. You have to create an ad and display them as a banner or text then set a budget on how much you want to spend to reach your target audience but be careful in choosing the right customers. Using Google Adsense or infolinks you can create and generate revenue by Cost-Per-Click method or you can go to a third-party publisher who will do the job for you but will take a percentage of your earning as fee.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves making money by charging commission or fee for promoting others products or services. So if you are blogger or have a website then you can use this mean too and if you happen to have great knowledge about the stuff you are marketing then it will work the best as you will know the product in and out so you can promote it better. It’s more like profit-sharing basis between you and the company. There are various ways of earning under this, some just pay you for the lead, and others might pay depending on the quantity you sell or may pay you a percentage of the product’s price.


There are several websites which you can use to make money. Like, it’s a website basically for freelancers where companies post jobs varying from tutorial services to web designing and then freelancers compete by making and sharing job proposals for the company. There are variety of jobs posted here.

There is another website, where people will pay you around $5 for literally anything. The job can be a technical one or maybe something as silly as paying you $5 to get rid of some friend. The job can be very random but isn’t it attracting when you get paid $5 just to mail contacts in fact you can demand your own price too.

There are brokerage sites also like which list websites for sales. Sites can be new or old but you have to be very careful and alert in this job as there are frauds too. So, if you happen to buy a website which is already making money then it’s the best and in future after improving on the website you can sell it yourself.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a way of monetizing a website by keeping the focus on the content and avoid distracting the user with web ads. Sponsored content is very much related to the webpage’s nature. This method is a modern monetization option and it will help you generate a good revenue through sponsored ads.  So if a vendor comes to you and asks to promote his brand by writing a blog then your blog will help in creating brand awareness as it will reach a new audience. And the other way is to review the product or service in exchange for a fee or the product itself.

Social Media Management and Strategist

Social media management is all about organising and managing a social media account. You can get clients who will pay you a fee to assist, manage and coordinate every aspect of their accounts.

Also coming up with social media strategies can help you earn. Your job might include designing and coming up with a strategy to achieve marketing targets, managing high quality content on social platforms, analyzing all the accounts of the company to ensure the content is up-to-date and various other responsibilities.

There are many other ways such as Reward Programs where you just have to complete pools, answer surveys or sign up for earning points which can be redeemed as gifts. Selling an eBook is another way where apart from earning money, you will achieve sense of satisfaction by selling your own product.

So these were few ways you could earn money as a digital nomad. While it’s completely your choice to decide whether you want to work as an entrepreneur or work for some one. There are lot more opportunities and ideas out there, these are just simple things to start of with depending on your skillset.

This Reddit offers interesting perspective into how Digital Nomads earn money.

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