Digital Nomad Cities for June

We have been hunting interesting cities for Digital Nomads in June based on festivals and events happening in these cities. Looking forward to hearing from you on your city recommendations for the month of June!

London, UK

London is a popular city amongst the digital nomads. This capital of England has a rich history, beautiful architecture and a mesmerising skyline. London has ample of co-working spaces such as Somerset House, The Workary and many more. The internet speed stands around 15 Mbps and the nightlife is quite lavish. Budget for a month should be $3280. Summers make the city so lively and the warm month of June has got so much for you, from concerts, festivals to sports:

  • Wimbledon: For tennis fans, this begins in June.
  • World Naked Bicycle Ride: You can enjoy this event where thousands of riders take a ride on bicycle to promote oil free means of transport.
  • Trooping the Color: This is another event cum celebration held in the honor of the Queen’s birthday.

Barcelona, Spain

Another place best visited in summer months. May and June is when the climate is warming up and festivals are underway is the time you should hit Spain. Barcelona is an amazing city with enticing architecture, mellow vibes and plenty of nightlife, but English language can be a problem there. It has numerous co-working spaces like Betahaus Barcelona and Naïve Studio Store with super fast internet up to 50 Mbps. A budget of $2500 a month should be fine. June is the time when you will come across several Nomad events such as:

  • NomadSurfing: It’s a 4 month Nomad Surfing and co-working event with a mix of business and pleasure together. You will meet other like you and you can enjoy surfing lessons and group dinners.
  • Wander Troupe: It’s an event which brings together freelancers and creative’s from all over the world and link them with destination’s movers and shakers. You can enjoy different crafting activities too.
  • San Vino Wine Fight: Apart from nomad event, you can enjoy the epic wine battle held in village name Haro which is approx 5 hours from Barcelona. They use red wine as weapon in their water guns, buckets and sprayers and drench each other with it, sounds fun.

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Zagreb, Croatia

This coastal destination welcomes visitors in the month of June when it’s the perfect climate to enjoy sunbathing and boating. Zagreb is the capital and largest city in Croatia along the river surrounded by mountains. The city has numerous museums, outlandish bistros and Hungarian architecture. There are few co-working spaces such as Impact Hub Zagreb and La Struk with good internet speed of up to 20 Mbps. The nightlife is limited here. Your monthly budget should be around $2000.  There are few fests coming up in here, few hours away from Zagreb which you can enjoy in the month of June:

  • The Garden Festival: It’s a music fest where world’s renowned DJ plays in boat parties, beaches and islands attracting audience from all over the globe. It’s held at paradisaical Dalmatian Coast which is approx 8 hours drive from Zagreb. You can look for on spot accommodation for the festival.
  • For Festival: This is another insane music festival where thousands of people are dancing with glow sticks in hand. This beach party is held at the island of Hvar which is around 6 hours from Zagreb.

There is one is an event for digital nomad held in Zagreb itself:

  • Embark: An event which combines people from personal and professional background and takes them to new city every month. So if you are location independent then you can set your sail with this community and collaborate with different people around you.

Tokyo, Japan

This capital of Japan is allured by many digital nomads. It’s a blend of hustling city life, awesome nightlife and nice weather. There are co-working spaces such as Caffice and Portal offering good internet speed up to 30 Mbps. Your cost of living here would be $2650 a month. June is a nice time to set you camp here because you can enjoy few events coming up here-

  • Bunkyo Ajisai Festival: It’s a very famous festival in Tokyo where there are around 10,000 plants on show which looks very beautiful. Entry is free too.
  • Firefly Festival: This one is a very delightful event where you will get to witness fireflies all around in the garden of Hotel The surrounding looks heavenly and you can take accommodation in the Hotel too.

Hong Kong

This densely populated autonomous territory is attracting many digital nomads. Its scenic skyline, impressive skyscrapers, night shopping centres and few ancient architecture attract travellers. Hong Kong is digital nomad hub too because of its warm weather, numerous co-working spaces such as Cocoon and Coffice offering speedy internet up to 90 Mbps and immense nightlife. You can have budget of $2000 for a month. There are places like Disneyland and Ocean Park to spend your weekend. Apart from these tourist attractions there are few events in Hong Kong taking place in June which are worth watching-

  • Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat Championship: It’s an event which attracts thousands of people who come to see race between nicely decorated long narrow boats with dragon head and tail. Participants practice months before to show their paddle skills in the race so it’s worth a watch.
  • Music Concerts: You can be a part of Britney Spears music tour will take place here in June and Sting’s 57th and 9th




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